What is an escape room ?

For those of you who are still wondering what an escape room is, this is a puzzle room.

Real-time physical game where a team of two to six players is locked in a room and has a limited time, usually one hour, to get out and beat the game by deciding a sequence of riddles .

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The door is locked, the clock is ticking, and you and your friends have exactly 60 minutes to escape …
To be able to get out in time, you have to play together, solve all puzzles and find all clues.
The emotions and the experience that puzzle rooms offer will bring you even closer to your company and open your eyes to the new strengths of each of your friends …


Show that you and your family are a whole and embark on an adventure that you will remember for a long time. Do you need something fun and different to do with your kids or your loved ones? If you are looking for a unique experience, if you like the challenges and riddles or just want to have fun – escape the room.

Team building

Forget the team building in the office! Escape rooms are the place where the real team building begins because people are changing exactly in a tense situation. You will need not only good communication skills and team play but also the ability to work in an organized, fast and consistent manner.

The Rooms

The Secret of the Proffesor

It’s the year 1984. A famous professor is found murdered in his office. Two years later the police still haven’t solved the case. His family secretly hires a team of private investigators. They infiltrate the crime scene to find out WHO? WHY? and HOW? ended the life of the lonely professor.

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The Alchemist

For centuries the alchemists were looking for the way to immortality and the biggest secret of their time – does the philosopher’s stone really exist?

Go back in time in the wild 16th century and step in the alchemist’s lab …

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Посещението ми в стаята на Escape Zone беше и първото ми изобщо в такава стая. Бях настроен скептично,а и без особени очаквания какво забавление би могла да предложи една такава стая...
За мое най-голямо щастие се оказах в пълна грешка!
Не се чудете,а ходете!! :))

Йордан Кръстев

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60-те минути минават свткавично, изключително се забавлявахме в тази стая. Адреналинът беше на макс през цялото време, а загадките бяха сложни и супер интересни!!

Антоанета Ковачева

Ако искаш да избягаш от сивото ежедневие, плъзнало под тепетата, отиди на кафе или на кино. Ако искаш обаче да разпуснеш и да се забавляваш, докато тестваш своя интелект и работа в екип --> Escape Zone Plovdiv е мястото за теб.

Даниел Желев

Страхотно обслужване, изключително преживяване, препоръчвам го на всички, които търсят нестандартен начин да се забавляват.

Лия Тонева

идеи за тийм билдинг в пловдив
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Като човек, обиколил доста стаи и в България и в чижбина мога да кажа, че това е наистина добре замислена стая, която приковава вниманието ти до последната минута. Страхотно преживяване, което те откъсва от реалността и те зарежда с позитивни емоции.

Мартин Чолаков

Страхотно място за забавление с приятели и със семейството! Алтернативен и интересен начин да прекараш част от свободното си време, много подходящо място за посещение с цел тийм билдинг! Усмихнат и приятен персонал!

Десислава Пантова

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Plovdiv, 48 Ruski bulevard

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

+359 899 887 807



You and your team will be locked in a room for 60 minutes. Your goal is to find the way out by solving a number of puzzles.
Despite the criminal plot of our escape room, the game is suitable for people from all ages. The team spirit is one the key to your success. A team of people from various generations will surely boost your chances of beating the game.
No, the escape room wants to be defeated only by a tight team of creative friends, classmates, life partners, relatives, or co-workers. A team is formed by 2 to 5 people.
No, the only thing you’ll need is to focus and have fun. In the escape room you’ll need no physical strength or special skills whatsoever. What actually matters is team spirit, attention to detail and logical thinking. Okay, a bit of luck is also allowed.

Yes, you can. In case you feel any kind of discomfort please announce you need to leave the room. Our staff will take you out immediately.

The remaining part of the team can finish the game.

The game ends as soon as the team manages to solve the criminal case or the 60 minutes are over.
Book the escape room by picking a convenient date and time via our Reservation form.
All the amount should be paid upon arrival.
You can cancel or change your reservation.
Of course! We’ll be more than delighted to give your beloved ones one unforgettable experience. Find out more in our Gift Vouchers section.